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Ja K2 Search And Filter v1.1.2

  • 2014年9月02日 星期二


K2 extra fields is one of the best feature of K2 Component . Our JA K2 extra field filter and search component gives the functionality to filter or search K2 articles based on their extra field values.

Simple Image Gallery Pro v3.0.6

  • 2014年9月02日 星期二


Adding image galleries inside your Joomla! articles has never been easier!

Ijoomla Grugu 在线销售课程组件 3.1.0

  • 2014年8月10日 星期日

将你的知识转化为金钱! 在线销售你的课程,就在今天!


  • 2014年8月08日 星期五

Social Network
What sets JomSocial apart from the rest is its powerful Social Stream. Most stream items are highly interactive, where you may "like" or leave a comment on the content.

Babel-U-Exams 1.7.2

  • 2014年8月08日 星期五

Babel-U-Exams gives you the power and flexibility needed to create and manage standardized evaluations like the TOEIC, JLPT or the PMP certification exam!

Os Services Booking 2.2.2

  • 2014年8月06日 星期三

OS Services Booking - a Appointment & Schedule component is used for online service scheduling and appointment management, it's created for Joomla 2.5.x and Joomla 3.x.

Unite Revolution Slider 4.5.9

  • 2014年8月05日 星期二

The Unite Revolution Responsive slider is an amazing layered slider for joomla. The slider has been developed by themepunch and we would like to thank them in advance before talking about the slider features. We have developed a friendly backend that lets you manage your slider like no other extension yet made for joomla. You can design your slider with no css or jquery needed an come out with amazing effect. These are some of the Unite Revolution Responsive Slider Features:

Ari Smart Book 1.4.0

  • 2014年8月05日 星期二

"ARI Smart Book" is a mighty Joomla! extension which creates digital publications like books, magazines, booklets, portfolios, brochures and etc. It is possible to use any media content like images, videos, sound and other elements which can do your content more user-friendly and attractive.

Jfbconnect 6.1.1

  • 2014年8月04日 星期一

JFBConnect: Joomla Facebook
The Facebook Extension for Joomla

Jux Weather Forecast 1.1.11

  • 2014年7月31日 星期四

JUX Weather Forecast is a beautiful, simple and feature rich weather module for Joomla. It allows you to interact with to download and present all the latest local/international weather information on the go.
JUX Weather Forecast helps you to easily display weather information from basic to detailed to meet your need. With its features, you now have access to the comprehensive insight of weather forecast in any region of the world.





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