Innovations in Solar Panel Technology

Today we are going to have a look in the innovations in solar panel technology recently and just how it’s altered the planet around us, and look for a few of the novel ways to use solar panel technology.

The foremost and best someone to individuals people who wish to reduce our power bills is using solar energy to create residential electricity. The amount of homes generating solar energy which are attached to the electricity grid keeps growing every year, and great subsidy programs in countries who appreciate the need for solar power and just how important it’s for the future are helping it to meet up with fossil fuel based systems.

Newer structures are now being built with solar power systems built-into them, sometimes with solar panels really getting used as roof tiles! This solves many of the problems individuals have using the appearance of solar power panels.

The truth that solar energy can be used as off grid systems implies that areas that have been formerly inconvenient to inhabit because of their distance from electrical energy grids are actually a choice for holiday homes, farms, etc. Solar energy may be used such remote areas to power water pumps to obtain a freshwater supply for them from wells or any other sources too.

In standalone devices, solar energy has demonstrated an excellent innovation. Odds are should you drive around the highways, you have often seen the emergency phones that line hard shoulder have solar power panels on the top of these nowadays. This completely eradicates the requirement for an electricity supply for them saving countless miles of cabling and also the work connected by using it. This is also true of contemporary parking meters, road signs, and so forth. Solar street lights are also gaining prominence. Brought driven street lights come with an very high quality, meaning they require hardly any current to function and they’ve a really lengthy lifetime which makes them ideal to become twinned with daytime solar charging and letting them become standalone electric devices that don’t have to be attached to the electricity grid.

An ambitious project in Sicily, Italia involves integrating solar power panels directly into the highway. A 19 mile stretch around the island of Sicily will have panels built-into the roadway to power the road-lighting, tunnel fans, and emergency phones. The believed energy in the solar highway is regarded as around 12 GW each year!

A far more adventurous project in solar panel technology involves harnessing solar energy wide using satellites and relaying it to earth, which may minimise losses by having the ability to transmit the power to specific locations on the planet in the satellites. Obviously, the price associated with launching these satellites is most likely prohibitively costly for the time being. A much more ambitious plan continues to be recommended, which involves covering the top of moon with solar power panels and delivering the power to earth! For the time being, I believe this is the stuff of sci-fi novels J

The commitment of a solar vehicle which may make commuters free of oil is definitely an exciting prospect, however that solar power panels on the top of the vehicle could only produce a couple of hundred watts at the best, or even a modest compact vehicle comes with an engine having a output of 50kW. Despite extreme streamlining and fat loss it appears unlikely that the fully solar-powered vehicle is achievable. Right now it appears the very best we are able to expect is definitely an onboard solar power system which plays a role in charging battery of the electric vehicle.