A Note on Various VGA cables and their use

It was a time when the VGA or the Video Graphics Array cable was an indispensable requirement for any computer user. Not only them, even those who used to buy the home theaters and wished to connect the DVD player and the sound systems with the TV- has to depend on the VGA cables. We’re not in the 90’s anymore when the VGA cables have literally ruled the computing and home entertainment domain still, even in the age of digital display, PrimeCables VGA cable works with equal potency similar to the HDMI or the DVI cables.

The VGA cables bridge to link the monitor with the CPU and the laptops with TVs or the home theaters with the televisions. So, like the DVI or the HDMI cables, you can use the VGA cables for linking these devices to view the data on the screen. It was a time when the screen resolution of VGA was restricted within 640×480 megapixels but now, the technological advancement is allowing the cables to showcase 1080p Full HD picture quality display.

Know the different types of VGA cables

A wide array of VGA products is available whether it’s a port or cables. You should choose them according to the purpose and budget of course. It’s strongly recommended to choose a reliable dealer when buying the products.

There are cables like the RGB connector, Mini 015, Mini D 015, HD 15, Mini Sub D15, DB 15, HDB-15 etc.

Some of the male connectors or popularly known as the “connectors” are— HD15, DB13W3, 5BNC, 4BNC, Mini-Din PSZUSB, and HD15/6-pin cables.

Other types that include the list are the VGAs splitter, VGA adapter, KVM, VGA, SVGA, VGA to RCA breakout cables, BNC breakout cables, BNC – BNC break-out cables, sun DB13W3 and various other cables.

The secondary connector category comprises

HD15 female, HD15 male, HD 15 female 6PIN Mini-Din PS2 male, 4BNC male, HD 15 female- USE B male, as well as the 5B-NC female cables.

There is yet another type of connector that can connect with or without the ferrite heads. You need to undergo the specifications in the product details or from the internet before shopping.

The work responsibility

The main responsibility of the VGA port or the cables is to connect with the source and the display and help users to watch or listen to the data.

So, these are some information gathered and shared about the VGA cables.