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Commerce gone virtual

Technological advancements have caused a massive change in the demands of customers. Customer behaviours have transformed on par with the technological advancements. E-commerce has been revamped and the mechanisms of e-commerce now involve various online platforms.

E-commerce development is crucial to sustain your business. Irrespective of the type of your business, you need your own space in the virtual world to strengthen your brand identity.

We, at Verz Design are here to bring you the best e-commerce development services in Singapore.

About Verz Design

As one of the best service providers of e-commerce development in Singapore, we have helped many companies to generate sales and revenue, strengthen brand identity and create opportunities.

One of the contributing factors to our excellence as providers of e-commerce development is Magento. Magento provides a comprehensive backend with customisable plug-ins for your business.

We are also highly favoured providers of e-commerce development since we provide free training sessions to ensure you are well-versed with Magento. This will help you to manage the e-commerce development of your business without any difficulties.

If you are relatively new to the field of e-commerce and still looking for your footing, our highly experienced and vastly knowledgeable team of web developers will be of aid from the beginning till the end of your e-commerce development.

Testimonials of clients

The feedbacks from clients enable us to measure the excellence and effectiveness of our service as one of the leading providers of e-commerce development in Singapore. Positive feedbacks from our clients have greatly helped us to continue providing excellent e-commerce package in Singapore.

‘Mark’s readiness and patience has made the entire copy-writing process a breeze to handle. He works hard to help put my visions and ideas into well-structured words and paragraphs. He understands my requirements and gives nothing less than his best’- Joey Chan from Straitswalk Office Furnishing.

‘Russell has been quick in responding to my queries and providing updates at each stage of the website development, and I am pleased with his prompt action each time’- Megan Yeo from VegwithMeg.

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With the right knowledge, skills, attitude and experience, we are here to kick start your e-commerce journey. We know what is best for you and your business.